Our Story


TeaDuctive is a tea company that focuses on bringing the best of the best tea products to you. Our goal is to source the highest quality tea in China for our customers to enjoy while promoting the tea culture, knowledge, and health benefits that every tea has to offer. We strive to provide a healthy lifestyle trend of drinking tea paired with the tea culture and knowledge to enrich your mind and body. We want our customers, partners, and employees to enjoy the premium and rare tea found across China. We work diligently to hand-select our tea products and hand-picked every one of our tea leaves to choose the highest quality tea leaves for our consumers. TeaDuctive strives to deliver a cup of tea to relax and recover on your busiest days.

TeaDuctive will be the partner in your journey toward a healthy lifestyle. We want to guide you to take control of the struggles you are undertaking in life. TeaDuctive will incorporate tea to promote healthy habit changes in daily routines to get more positive energy in your every moment.

There are many health benefits to drinking tea, your happiness starts with one cup at a time.